Osaka Prefectural Nose Senior High School

School Philosophy / School History

School Philosophy
  • We foster a mentality of independence in our students and raise responsible people.
  • We raise people with wide perspectives, who can contribute to creating a peaceful and democratic society.
  • We raise people who love, cherish, and coexist with nature. 
School History

1954 Apr. 1
Osaka Prefectural Nose High School founded at 631-1 Azakuragaki, Utagaki Village, Toyono District, Osaka Prefecture Second and Third Year students on the full-time Agricultural, General and Home Economics courses at Nose, Nishi-Nose, and the Tajiri Branch of Osaka Prefectural Engei Senior High School merged into Nose High School

1954 Oct. 8
Construction of the new school buildings started at 580 Kamitajiri, Nose Town, Toyono District, Osaka Prefecture

1954 Nov. 10
School functions moved to the new buildings

1956 Sep. 24
First agricultural land purchased

1957 Mar. 31
First farm opened on leased land

1962 Mar. 22
Leased agricultural land purchased

1963 Mar. 31
Home Economics course stopped accepting applicants.

1965 Sep. 30
Construction started on a swimming pool

1967 Mar. 31
Land for tennis courts purchased 

1967 Dec. 15
Construction started on steel-reinforced concrete extension to the school buildings

1974 Mar. 19
Construction started on agricultural training facility

1974 Apr. 1
Agricultural Course renamed to Horticultural Course 

1978 Apr. 7
Gymnasium reconstruction began

1986 Oct. 28
Cafeteria reconstruction began

2000 Mar. 31
Tennis court reconstruction began

2001 Sep. 30
School building wall reconstruction began

2004 Apr. 1
School was reformed into integrated course system with combined junior/senior high school education
General and Horticultural courses stopped accepting applicants

2005 Sep. 9
Large-scale repair of the gymnasium began

2013 Feb.
Installation started on air conditioning systems in special purpose rooms

2014 Nov.
Construction started on seismic retrofitting works of school buildings