Osaka Prefectural Nose Senior High School

International Exchange

Hosting exchange students from overseas

Thanks to the efforts of our host families and Japanese language volunteers, our school can accept exchange students from abroad every year. To date, we have hosted students from the USA, Thailand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Russia, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia and Turkey.


International Exchange Trip to Australia

During the summer vacation we arrange and conduct an international exchange trip to Australia alongside a few other prefectural high schools. Students stay with a host family in New South Wales for two weeks, attending Mudgee High School during that time.
The exchange gives the students opportunities for cross-cultural communication both through English learning, and by learning about the local culture and talking about their own.
In addition, our school in Japan hosts students from Mudgee High School every two years. The programme is improving and strengthening the relationship between the two schools.





























School Trip to Malaysia

In order to give our students chances to learn more about the globalising world, our school puts special emphasis on intercultural exchange. Every year since the structural alteration to the general department in 2004, our second year students have had the opportunity to take a school trip to Malaysia.
Before flying to Malaysia and visiting Assunta High School, our students communicate in English with their Malaysian counterparts by email for a year.
The trip allows the students to encounter and learn about diverse cultures of various races first-hand, and to acquire a cosmopolitan outlook on life.


  1. Deepen international understanding
    Our school, as a general department, gives the students many avenues to learn about different cultures. Throughout the courses “Industrial Society and Human Beings” in their first year and “Integrated Study” in their second and third years, we invite lecturers to talk about foreign culture, and also have discussions with OISCA trainees.
    Moreover, we host exchange students every year.
    The school trip in Malaysia – a country right beneath the equator with diverse religions and languages spread across various races – helps students learn about “multicultural symbiosis” and “intercultural understanding”.


  1. Deepen the relationship between the two schools

    As soon as our students move into the second year, they start exchanging emails with students at Assunta High School.
    They also practice a musical performance – our students last year sang To the Future (未来へ) – a song by Japanese pop duo Kiroro – and start writing reports on the international exchange.
    Representative students prepare for an English speech, a Joruri performance (a traditional Japanese puppet show), a karate demonstration, and a dance performance to be performed at Assunta High.
    We hope that our students’ tireless efforts and practice for these performances help to show our gratitude for their warm welcome and promote friendship between the two schools.

  2. Keep our students safe on their travels
    International travel always carries the potential for unexpected incidents and problems. We expect and will strive to ensure that our students are punctual and follow all instructions given to them in order to make their stay in Malaysia a safe one.