Osaka Prefectural Nose Senior High School

Principal’s Message

 Thank you for visiting the homepage of Nose High School.

Our school was born in the town of Nose in 1954 amidst strong demand from the local people. Ever since, we have raised our students to value the attributes in our school’s motto: “sincerity” and “perseverance”.

Our graduates have played roles supporting society and industries throughout Japan, as well as in Nose town

In April of 2004, our school was reformed into combined junior/senior high school education in cooperation with the municipal Higashi Junior High and Nishi Junior High schools.

In addition, we restructured our curriculum around four specialised courses: “International and Information”, “Environmental Science”, “Food, Flowers and Cultural Exchange”, and “Human and Social Welfare”. In 2011, we also established a fifth course – “Humanities and Sciences” – for students entering our school who are aiming to study at 4-year colleges.

Reforming our school since 2004 has allowed us to help the students in many ways:

  • Students’ academic ability has increased due to small-group teaching, tracking, and after-school supplementary lessons.
  • Students are given better support than ever to fulfill their ambitions with our thorough career counselling.
  • Student guidance continues to instil into students good behaviour and strong ethical awareness.
  • Giving students more experiences of the outside world helps to encourage an increased respect of nature and life. Likewise, exposure to agriculture teaches students of the importance of labour.
  • Students are taught to cherish and value human rights and multiculturalism through international exchange and communication.
  • Activities with local elementary and junior high schools boost students’ self-confidence, independence, and leadership skills.  

In 2015, we were registered for five years as a member of the Super Global High School programme by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). We will continue to develop our education to raise global talent.

Through this website, we hope to keep everybody up to date on our continuing efforts and the rewards our education brings for our students.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school, and thank you as always for your cooperation.

       Masaaki MANABE, Principal